Imagine a Public Service in Trinidad and Tobago where there are efficient digital technologies and processes in day-to-day operations. Envision having streamlined workflows that will lead to antiquated systems being phased out. Visualise a service where citizens can have the possibility of a direct connection between Government services and themselves over the Internet.

Reality or Fantasy?

Well imagine no more because Public Service modernisation is on the way in Trinidad and Tobago. The Ministry of Public Administration and Communications hosted a four day Open House from June 21-24, 2016 on the ground floor of NALIS building in commemoration of United Nations Public Service Week 2016, where over 20 Government Ministries and agencies showcased their improved and innovative public services. Each Ministry’s booth aimed to truly reflect the week’s theme “Innovating for Excellence through Service Delivery.” Amongst them were the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s TTBizLink, Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development’s FAIRSHARE programme, and Ministry of Finance’s e-Tax programme and other exciting displays.

Citizens who attended the second of the four days of the Open House got the opportunity to meet the amicable exhibitors of the TTBizLink department from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. At their booth, the department showcased several of their enhanced modules such as e-company registration module. This online service allows for the online name reservation, registration of businesses and incorporation of companies. Ministry of Trade and Industry is surely on board to making services easily accessible to the public.

On the third day, with brochures and small tokens neatly laid out at their booths, the exhibitors of the Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development were excited to share information with citizens on their pioneering FAIRSHARE programme. Small business owners and entrepreneurs learned how they can showcase their goods and services to the public sector via a web portal. Citizens were not just simply exposed to new information but were opened to a new reality where their businesses can grow, their client bases can expand and training can be easily accessible. How innovative!

The Ministry of Finance’s booth was a main stop for many citizens who attended the event. The prospect of shorter waiting periods and paperless filings intrigued citizens as they learnt about how they can manage their taxes online.

With the TTBizLink, FAIRSHARE Programme and e-Tax programme and other ICT enabled services on stream, Trinidad and Tobago can look forward to greater and easier access to government public services.