Ministry of Public Administration and Communications launches Government’s WiFi on buses project-TTWiFi

Travelling to various destinations across Trinidad and Tobago just became more convenient and tech-friendly, with the launch of free public Wi-Fi on 13 specific PTSC buses. The launch which took place on Friday 29th July, 2016 at City Gate, Port of Spain, made the transportation hub the gateway to the Information Superhighway.

The Honourable Maxie Cuffie, Minister of Public Administration and Communication delivered the Feature Address at the launch of TTWifi and noted the important steps taken to protect citizens while they are connected and engaged. “This service was not designed to stream movies or television shows. It was designed for real-time experiences such as checking your email, downloading a map of the city, or making a quick Skype call. Additionally it must be emphasized that TTWifi does not allow users to access websites that may be deemed inappropriate or unsuitable such as pornography, gambling or sites that promote hate or acts of crime,” he said.

The Hon. Fitzgerald Hinds, Minister of Works and Transport, and Ms. Sacha Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Digicel also delivered remarks, on the significance of the occasion.

About TTWiFi

TT Wi-Fi is available on 13 (thirteen) specific Public Transportation Service Corporation (PTSC) buses: twelve (12) in Trinidad and one (1) in Tobago. TT Wi-Fi is available to all users using a Wi-Fi enabled device, including smartphones, laptops and tablets on specific buses on the following routes:

• Port- of- Spain to Arima and Sangre Grande

• Port-of-Spain to San Fernando

• Port-of-Spain to Diego Martin

• Port-of-Spain to Chaguanas

• Tobago

These buses operate from 5a.m-11p.m daily.

TT Wi-Fi allows you to:

• Access government websites and e-services

• Check your email

• Connect using your preferred social media apps

• Keep in contact with friends and family via Instant Messaging apps

• Check the latest news


To bring more citizens online, allow greater access to available e-government and other services and improve productivity: whether you read the newspapers online or check social media on your journey to work, this pre-work ritual allows you to get these things out of the way so by the time you get to work it’s time to get down to the business of work. Wi-Fi on buses is likely to present a solution to passengers’ traffic woes.

There is no cost to the public; No registration or email information is required at this time but TTWi-Fi reserves the right to change this policy as the initiative expands. You are allowed two 1 hr sessions per day.

TT Wi-Fi is an initiative of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to provide free Wi-Fi access to the public. It is in line with government’s vision to provide free and easy access to broadband internet in public spaces.

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