Children's Heritage Workshop

childrens heritage workshop

 The Children’s Heritage Workshop is an integral part of the Educational Programme of the National Museum and Art Gallery. An annual event, the Children’s Heritage Workshop over the years has sought to get youngsters involved in the visual arts, crafts, history and the heritage of Trinidad and Tobago. The main objective of the programme is to increase participants’ knowledge, understanding and awareness of our heritage, so as to foster deeper appreciation for its survival and preservation. The Children’s Heritage Workshop began in 2002 and has been running successfully from that time until now. Over the years the Workshop has been facilitated by different organizations involved in the arts and culture throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Groups such as Arts In Action of the Centre for Creative and Festival Arts of the University of the West Indies, Studio 66 and The Idakeda Group have all given their talent, professionalism and dedication toward developing the Children’s Heritage Workshop and by extension the Educational Programme of the National Museum. If you would like to participate our Children’s Heritage Workshop please contact the Museum via e-mail at: or call us at 1 868 623 5941 during office hours.